• Where does HealEasy locate?

    HealEasy locates at Shanghai city, China. We welcome your visit to our company, please call us at 0086 21 62528275 to arrange a meeting.

  • How to subscribe HealEasy news?

    Please drop us an email by entering the contact page, and our sales people will log your information, and deliver our latest product information and company news to you.

  • How can I buy product from HealEasy?

    Please contact us by phone, email or other means as fax, and our sales team is ready to serve you. In some countries or regions, we have already set up distributor service, and it's convenient to contact with our distributor to order HealEasy's product. For other areas, you can order product from us directly.

  • How do I get after-sales service?

    After sales service will be delivered by our distributors in different countries or areas, or by HealEasy company directly when distributor service is not available.

  • How can I become distributor of HealEasy?

    Please contact with our sales team by writing us email or drop a message through website. We shall contact with you directly.

  • What does shock wave machine do for beauty purpose?

    Shock wave therapy technology is well known as acoustic wave therapy, for body reshaping, cellulite reduction, stretch mark elimination purpose. By several sessions the orange peel skin issue will improve obviously, and the skin tissue will be tightened and body get reshaped.

  • Can we combine shock wave therapy with other treatments together?

    Shockwave therapy is a kind of physical therapy method, and it is safe for many indications without side effect. By combination with other methods, it can give better result when used in proper way. Please contact with us to know details about it - what kind of technology is effective when combined with the SWT treatment.

  • I am therapist, and like to know if I need to get license before start to use the product?

    Though the machines are designed to be friendly for operators, but it's better to get basic training about the theory of the working principle and general usages, so as to fully use the features of the machine.

  • Do you provide training?

    We provide webnair from time to time to our hot product, especially for distributors. We encourage our customers to attend, and learn the usages in detail. In areas with distributor service, the local training is available. Please contact us or local distributors for details.

  • Can we put your product information to open websites as youtube, or facebook?

    For open information we publish on internet it is free to use it without breaking the local laws. But malicious usages are for fake advertisment or reference for business purpose, shall not be allowed without our permission.

  • I have been using your machine for 3 years, can I get it upgraded?

    Part of our products have the features to upgrade online, please contact with our after-sales team to know more.

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