• Massager Therapy For Pain Relief
  • Massager Therapy For Pain Relief

Electronic Therapeutic Massager

The electronic therapeutic massager is a low level energy treatment method based on physical method: a hammer like applicator is used to hit the trigger point where the chronic pain or pain caused by sports exists. It relief the pain by hundreds or even thousands of hitting, by adjusting proper energy density and hitting frequency. Due to the low level energy and low frequency features, the treatment is quite comfortable and reliable, and suitable for almost all people in different age segments.

The treatment is safe and effective for chronic pain, sports pain relief, and also effective to get people recovered from a tired state, relax the body and get a happy mood. For operator since the power/energy and hitting frequency is precisely adjustable, it can be much more accurate to apply the treatment than old style - manually done by massagers' hands.

Electronic therapeutic massager can be used together with other types of equipments as magnetic heating pad, to enhance the result of treatment.
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