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Instrument For Fat Transplant

Single Use Fat Transfer Kit includes everything you need for a small volume fat transfer. Fat transfer instruments are narrow gauge and hard to clean. Sterile, single use kits are essential for fat transplant surgery.

Fat used for fat grafting is harvested from the abdomen, thighs, hips or buttocks using specially-designed instruments and a specialized technique. Centrifugation eliminates components of the harvested material (which is not viable fat), and meticulously injected into the facial areas to be enhanced.

Fat transplant kit

Contact with us to get more fat transplant kit and PRP or PPP centrifuge systems.

Following with the related liposuction system.

Liposuction machine

Model: BS-LIPS5

Full functional power assisted liposuction system, with all necessary features for a PAL surgery.

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Liposuction equipment

Model: BS-LIPS5S

Advanced power assisted liposuction machine, higher pressure and 3-way controller for PAL surgery.

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