• Veterinary CO2 Surgical Laser
  • Veterinary CO2 Surgical Laser
  • Veterinary CO2 Surgical Laser

Veterinary CO2 Laser Surgical System

The indication of CO2 surgical laser is based on the principle of Photothermal Ablation . When CO2 laser is delivered to the soft tissue of animals, the laser light energy is absorbed by the water existing in the soft tissue. By heating up and vaporizing the water, it tears apart the tissue. To minimize heat transfer to surrounding tissue and reduce collateral heat damage, the duration of laser beam on the tissue can be controlled in very short pulse as less than 1 millisecond. CO2 laser beam can be precisely controlled and the thermal damage can be of 0.1mm beyond the beam, veterinarians can operate precisely in every laser procedure easily.

CO2 surgical laser has been widely used in veterinary surgery procedures. The common clinic applications of CO2 laser include declaws, tumor removal, spays and neuter, and amputations.

Declaws - Scalpel blade or a nail trimmer is the traditional way of declaws, that was painful and time consuming. Laser surgery to declaw will make cats have little pain.

Ear Hematoma - One of the CO2 laser features, selectively and gently going through layers of tissue, makes the CO2 laser excellent for ear hematoma due to the small opening needed to drain the fluid.

Skin Tumor - Laser can completely ablate the small tumors lesion and make pets have less discomfort during the recovering time.

Dog Neuter - CO2 laser can also treat dog neuters due to the advantages of minimal bleeding and less pain.

Amputation - CO2 laser is particularly good at amputations. Minimal bleeding during the laser surgery allows the surgery to perform much faster.

Liposuction machine

Model: BS-COL1

15W portable CO2 surgical laser, with continuous mode and pulse mode.

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Liposuction equipment

Model: BS-COL5

30W high energy CO2 surgical laser, with continuous mode, pulse mode and super pulse mode.

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