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Compression Garments

In the early days of liposuction, before the tumescent technique had been invented, elastic compression garments (specially designed girdles) were intended to reduce bleeding immediately after surgery and to reduce swelling the time that the body is healing. Tumescent liposuction has eliminated surgical bleeding. With the tumescent technique, there is always a certain amount of blood-tinged anesthetic solution which remains beneath the skin where the fat has been suctioned. This blood-tinged fluid causes bruising and the post-operative swelling known as "osmotic-edema". With tumescent liposuction, the function of the compression garment depends on the whether or not the surgeon closes incisions with stitches. With the modern "open-drainage" technique for post-liposuction care, the tiny incisions/adits are allowed to remain open (not closed with stitches), and the reason for using compression garments (need only be worn for a few days) is to encourage the rapid drainage of the residual blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution from beneath the skin. With "closed-drainage", the reason for using compression garments (which must be worn for several weeks) is to force the absorption of the blood-tinged anesthetic solution into the body's blood vessels.

The use of post-surgery compression clothing is recommended by plastic surgeons to help the body recover from plastic surgery. Our medical compression garments are designed to:
>> Minimize swelling and reduce fluid build-up
>> Promote skin retraction and body contouring
>> Enhance comfort during recovery
>> Improve the success of a cosmetic procedure

garments for liposuction

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